Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein by Don Brown

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Odd Boy Out by Don Brown is a fantastic look at the young life of Albert Einstein. Perfect for grades 3-5, this book is a wonderful depiction of Albert Einstein's sometimes difficult childhood. 

Albert was born in Germany in 1879. Born a big baby with a rather large head, his family worried that something was wrong with him.  To top that off, Albert did not speak until after the age of three. Described as a moody child, Albert often fought with his sister and frustrated his teachers, and found typical school lessons to be boring and frustrating.  Albert often thought in pictures and would spend hours shutting out the world while building card houses.  Born Jewish in Germany, Albert was often made fun of and ostracized by his peers. He much preferred math to sports and his favorite possession was a pocket compass his father gave him. Albert's closest friend was a medical student from a local college who introduced Albert to Geometry. Albert would pour over his Geometry books for hours at a time. He felt more comfortable at a party sitting in a corner working on a math problem than interacting socially.  

Albert eventually married and became a father. While working at a patent office he wrote papers that introduce the Theory of Relativity and E=MC2, eventually winning him the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Odd Boy Out is a great book to help students see that what the world may see as odd or different, is often something wonderful. Albert did not fit in with the ordinary, and why? Because he would become extraordinary! This book is bound to connect with the math and science minded students in your classroom. 

You can find Odd Boy Out here