The Report Card by Andrew Clements

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The Report Card by Andrew Clements takes a fantastic look at grades and standardized testing from the eyes of the students they measure. 

Nora Rowley appears to be just your average 5th grader.  A best friend to Stephen and a more-than-average soccer player, Nora has been hiding a big secret:  Nora Rowley, herself, is a GENIUS! Since Kindergarten, Nora has noticed that she could do more, academically, than the average child, but Nora has pretended all these years to just be average. But instead of excelling at school, Nora would rather be average at school and engage in extra learning at home independently. Her plan works well until 5th grade when grades and tests really start to shape learning. Watching her best friend Stephen struggle with his grades and the negative effect standardized tests have had on his confidence at school, Nora decides to teach everyone a lesson. When she brings home a report card that is almost all D's, Nora realizes she may have gotten herself in deeper waters than she bargained for.  Will her stunt effect more than just her and Stephen? Will the Librarian spill her secret and end up getting Nora placed in the Gifted and Talented Program?

The Report Card is a great book for students Grades 4-7. It will spark great conversations about grades, test scores and how students are labeled based on both. 

You can find Andrew Clements The Report Card here

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