Ten Rules of Being a SuperHero by Deb Pulutti

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Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti is a fantastic book and a great way to combine counting lessons  with lessons about solid character traits in your Early Education classes!

Captain Magma and his sidekick Lava Boy bring to your students a manual on how to be the very best Superhero! Follow these 10 simple rules and you are sure to be a great superhero!

This funny story will teach important character traits like being kind and considerate to others while reminding them of classroom rules, like picking up after themselves. Students preschool through 3rd grade will enjoy the adventures of Lava Boy and Captain Magma.

After reading the story, you can talk with students about what makes a hero and who they consider to be heroes in their lives. 

Here is a Lesson Plan to go along with this cute book:

1. Discuss with your student the definition of the word Hero:

Hero- A person of courage and purpose. A person who is brave. A person who risks their lives for others.

2. Talk with your students about the people in their lives who could be considered a hero and why. Point out different community heroes like : Fireman, Police Officers, Soldiers, Doctors and Nurses! 

3. Give an example of someone in your life that you consider to be a hero and why.

4. Ask your student to think about who is their hero. You can print off this free PDF worksheet for this activity here.

Have your students fill out the worksheet and draw and color their hero. This would be a great activity to display on a hallway bulletin board!

You can find Deb Pulutti's Ten Rules of Being a Superhero here. Have fun learning about your student's heroes!

Want to know who some of my biggest heroes are? Teachers. Yes, you!  Thanks for all you do!