Toads and Tessellations: A Math Adventure

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Toads and Tessellations: A Math Adventure by Sharon Morrisette is a great book to add to your classroom math library.

This is the story of Enzo, son of the Great Magician. Although everyone expects Enzo to follow in his father's footsteps, he does not like magic and just can't seem to get it right. Enzo secretly dreams of being a great Mathematician!

While Enzo's father is away, the town shoemaker needs some help making 12 sets of shoes out of one piece of leather. He calls on Enzo to come and work some magic. But rather than magic, Enzo finds that Tessellations rather than Spells can fix this problem!

This is a great book for students grades 2nd-5th to understand the math concept of Tessellations. The back of the book has great information for students about Tessellations, the history of Tessellations and the Mathematician's associated with it.

You can find this great Math book here