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Playing games is a family favorite for us. And I especially love a game that teaches my children while having fun. A few months ago, my oldest daughter found the game Trivia Crack and we are all having a blast!

Trivia Crack is a bit like Trivia Pursuit but can be played on your phone or iPad making it easy to play wherever you are! And let's face it, our teenagers love to be on their phones and iPads. :)

Trivia Crack has 6 different categories of questions, Geography, History, Art, Science, Entertainment and Sports. 

With each question, you have 4 answers to choose from and a limited time to answer each question. 

It is a great way for your kids to learn some great facts about History, Geography and Science! If you get the answer incorrect, it will tell you the correct answer. 

After a round or two my kids knew the answer to these questions:

What founding father wanted the National Bird to be a turkey?

Where was Lincoln assassinated?

How many days was the battle of Gettysburg?

What is the capital of Pennsylvania? 

Just like in Trivia Pursuit, every time you complete a piece of the pie, you are one step closer to winning. 

To make the game even more fun, you can compete against other friends who are playing Trivia Crack. My oldest loves to compete against other kids in her school.

I love the time we are spending as a family laughing and learning, together. And, I am learning that my kids know a lot more about Science than I do! 

You can download Trivia Crack in your Apple App Store.

What game do you enjoy playing as a family? I would love to hear about it!