A Very Improbable Story

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A Very Improbable Story by Edward Einhorn is a great book for students in grades 2-5 to teach them about the concept of probability and odds.

Ethan wakes up excited for his soccer game, but quickly becomes concerned about Odds, the talking cat, who won't get off of his head. In fact, he refuses to get off of Ethan's head until Ethan wins a game of probability. Socks, marbles, and cereal are all challenges Ethan is willing to take to get Odds off his head to get to his soccer game on time! Will Ethan win a game of probability in order to get Odds off of his head--a task that even a shower couldn't do?  

Einhor's picture book uses games and everyday objects and a not so everyday cat to teach students the difficult concept of probability. The illustrations in the book are humorous and will keep your students entertained. 

You can find A Very Improbable Story by Edward Einhorn here.

Odds are, your students will enjoy it!