3 DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

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Creating handcrafted ornaments can be a delightful tradition.  These activities often incorporate math skills like measurement and help strengthen fine motor skills.  Not only that, but children will gain an appreciation for traditions and will look forward to giving to others in this season that often focuses on the "getting".  Children will also learn the art and education of handicrafts, and create heart-warming gifts at the same time!  (I can't really argue with any of those wonderful incentives!)

Check out these 3 easy, rewarding, and easy on the pocketbook Christmas Tree Ornaments that your children will be able to do with minimal help. 

Using only minimal materials, these gorgeous felt ornaments, are sure to become a family treasure, year after year!  Elicia walks you through the whole process on her blog

Incorporate your child's darling hand prints in this easy, interactive snowman ornament.  Capture your child's hand prints they way they are right now!  Caycee shows you just how this is done, step-by-step, right here.

Do you have emtpy egg cartons hanging around?  Make charming little baskets filled with chocolate kisses for your children to make, gift, and hang on the tree.  Here, Jen shows you how to make these little baskets to hand out in your child's classroom, or to the next Christmas party you attend!  

Have a festive and joy-filled Christmas Season, celebrating with those near and far.