Book Review: Measuring Penny

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If there ever was an interactive math book, this one is it!


Combining math and literature is always a plus, and Loreen Leedy takes it even a step further by actually showing readers how the main character, Lisa, successfully completes her math assignment from her teacher, Mr. Jayson. Students will love the book, Measuring Penny .    

Lisa and her classmates are given an assignment to measure anything..."a sofa, television set, or a doll", for instance.  Lisa must be feeling especially adventurous, because she chooses her dog, and the other dogs of the neighborhood!  She sets out to measure the dogs in as many ways she possibly can: height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time.  Time is a special challenge, but Lisa finds a very clever way to measure it.  It will help students think outside the box in terms of measurement!  

One of the reasons I really appreciate this book, is that it could be used to spur on a hands-on activity.  Why not have your students complete the same assignment Lisa was given?  This is appropriate for early elementary ages, even as young as Kindergarten, in a limited way.  Students could be responsible for measuring something with a unit other than the traditional ruler--q-tips or blocks, for instance, just the way Lisa does in the book.  Leedy has a great coloring page for kids on her website, which goes along with the book.  This book could also be used for upper elementary and even beyond, given the higher level thinking that some parts of the assignment would require.  

Kids of all ages will give rapt attention to Lisa's dog, Penny, as well as Penny's friends from around the neighborhood!

Beautiful illustrations.  Clever assignment.  Brilliant classroom tool.

And what's even better than Measuring Penny?  The fact that Loreen Leedy has a plethora of different picture books for children!  Check out her amazon page.  There you will see a number of books written and illustrated by Leedy; books that interweave different academic subjects, including addition, symmetry, similes, geography, the solar system, and fractions!  Loreen Leedy also has a fantastic website, and even has suggestions for further instruction, coloring pages, and assignment downloads!    

Tag along with Lisa as she explores the many, many different ways we use measurement every day!