Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

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Gone are the days when teachers had to beg, borrow and steal for quality lessons and good ideas!

I stumbled on a great resource the other day and wanted to share it with you all.  Michele over at has wonderful, high-level lesson plans for Math, as well as a whole category dedicated to the teaching of Reading and Writing.  And get this:  a whole category dedicated to freebies!  

I am transfixed by this lesson on surface area using cereal boxes and (specifically) toblerone boxes.  Ahem.  Why, yes I did say "Toblerone boxes"!

I totally know what you are thinking and so I'll just put the rumors to rest right now.  

There is absolutely no connection to me thinking this is a great lesson and the fact that chocolate is involved.  Because, well, technically, there is not chocolate involved in the lesson.  Only chocolate boxes.   It really is a pity that the chocolate boxes need to be emptied before children are able to participate in this activity. It's a hard job, but that someone might as well be me!  Being a teacher is hard work, but I do admit it has it's perks.  :o)  

Head over to Michele's site and check out her teaching expertise and wonderful ideas.