DIY Ornament for Your Children's Teachers

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Want a special way to thank your children's teachers this Christmas?  Whether your child wants to thank their Classroom Teacher, Boy Scout Teacher, Gymnastic Coach, Sunday School Teacher, or even Grandparents (who have been known to pass down more than a few nuggets of knowledge in your child's life), these gorgeous ornaments will fit the bill.  They can be personalized any way you wish.  I found this fantastic and simple idea from A Beautiful Mess.  Their tutorial was all I needed to get started on this fun project.  Your needed materials are as shown. 

I found my Great-Grandmother's biscuit cutters, and somehow it made this project even more meaningful for me.  Get the dough all good and soft by kneading it.  Then roll it out until it's about a half inch thick.  (Be aware:  your stomach muscles may be a bit sore tomorrow!  This is quite the AB workout!) The 1.75 lb. package of Sculpey made around 20 ornaments 3-4" in diameter.

Cut out shapes using cookie cutters.  I also found a square jar lid to cut out some shapes. 

Here they are before being baked.  Bake according to package directions; be sure to not bake too long.   Take out of oven and cool on a baking sheet.  Then, take paint markers and decorate! 

I really love to use the Uchida Deco brand metallic markers.  You can also use a thin paintbrush and metallic FolkArt Paint. 

It really is a beautifully, simple, and elegant gift for someone who inspires your child to be their best. 

Thank your children's teachers this Christmas!