Egg Carton Christmas Basket Ornament

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I'm one of those moms who hoards egg cartons for....well, just in case.  You know...the case that doesn't happen very often.  So, that is why, this Christmas, I was outright determined to create a fun ornament using egg cartons.  (And maybe the other reason I decided to make egg carton ornaments is so that my husband wouldn't ask me anymore if I just like to look at our egg carton stock pile.)

These are super cute; easy enough for preschool children to make with a bit of help, and entertaining enough for adults to take part in.  These make endearing Christmas gifts and would be a charming (and affordable) goody for your child to bring to all the children in their class! 

Let's get started!

These are all the supplies you need: 

  1. egg cartons
  2. green pipe cleaners
  3. small red bows or jingle bells
  4. small chocolates to put in basket
  5. small squares of newsprint, wrapping paper, or other patterned paper
  6. scissors
  7. glue