A List to Get Us Through the Hard Days

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A home school mom, I have put together a list of simple, random things to put a twist on the items that we do daily...things that get us through the mire—those days that we all need a break and need to do things a bit differently just to get through our day.  You can read about the origin of this list, here, the stretching and growing that took place to allow myself to enjoy the wonder of being home with my kids all day long.    


  • I have a huge basket of socks without mates.  Some of those mates have stuck around, they just need some help finding each other.   So, every other month or so, I dump out that whole basket and we find matches. We count our matches. Then we figure out who has the most matches, who has the least matches.  Who has an odd number of socks, who has an even number of socks. 
  • Some days we time ourselves on a stopwatch to see how long it takes us to sweep the floor, and then compare with yesterdays time and figure out the difference.  Have we beat our time from the day before?  Did we do a good job?
  • I ask the girls for their input in our workout.  We choose about 6 different exercises and set a timer for 30 seconds.  We work that exercise for 30 seconds, then rest 10 seconds.  Move on to the next exercise on the list, and so on and so forth. Favorite work out exercises?  snowboard jumps, sprint up the stairs, and freestyle jumping jacks.    
  • We pretend we are chefs at a famous restaurant and we are prepping dinner to ready the place for the world-famous critic to pass through our doors.  (this is NOT to say that my husband is a critic.  hehe!)
  • Run as fast as we can to the coffee shop up the street to finish our writing project there.
  • Practice our table manners at the donut shop up the street.  I have brought sliced apples, cheese, crackers, and carrot sticks.  The reward for great table manners is a cookie or a donut.  
  • We set a timer and work for 15 minutes, play for 15 minutes.  Repeat.  Smaller segments are more manageable some days.
  • We take all our books outside on a nice day and bask in the sun and the schoolwork at the same time.  
  • We lay out a blanket and make red Kool Aid and drink it on the grass with a whole stack of good books.

This is not a list for everyone, and you home school moms out there will likely have your own list (please, share!) of what you do to manage life at home on days when you just need a break.  But wherever you are in the quest for home/school/rest balance, I hope this inspires you to shift your perspective and find “me-time” right where you are.