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Jen Wieber graduated with a degree in Education in 2000. She's taught in the elementary school classroom as a certified teacher, specialized in multi-age classrooms, taught math to 6th grade middle school students, as well as numerous teacher training seminars, and braved the passenger seat as a Driver's Education Instructor.

These days, Jen is the teacher to her 3 daughters at home, helping them pursue their educational dreams and to become responsible, compassionate, contributing members of society, and to remember to change their socks at least twice a month. Each week, Jen also teaches writing to upper elementary and high school students in a Home School Co-op. All this is made possible by a supportive, hard-working husband, and less possibly, by a dog named Chester.

Multiplication Stories: 6X6=36

Posted by Jen Wieber on January 31, 2015

Use these fun "Telephone Pole Signs" to illustrate the times tables!

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constructing triangles, measuring triangles, geometry, math video, painting, math art

Drawing and Measuring Triangles Math Art

Posted by Jen Wieber on January 13, 2015

Use this geometric Math Art lesson to show kids how to draw and measure triangles. Make art a part of math!

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circle, anatomy of a circle, geometry, radius, diameter, area of a circle

The Anatomy of a Circle Art and Geometry Lesson

Posted by Jen Wieber on January 9, 2015

Sneak in some art with this fabulous Geometry and Art Lesson!

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Ernest Shackleton, leadership, endurance, history of exploration, Antarctica lesson plans, Antarctica exploration

Earnest Shackleton: A Lesson in Endurance

Posted by Jen Wieber on December 30, 2014

Use the incredible story of Ernest Shackelton to teach your students about unsinkable character, history, mathematics, geography, and science.

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Daniel Dennett, Fear of failure, success, Meaningful Monday

A New Year: Is Failure Success?

Posted by Jen Wieber on December 28, 2014

Take a different stance this year with goal-setting. Make it a goal to learn from your mistakes!

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