Premium Teacher Dashboard

The teacher dashboard may look overwhelming when you first login but teachers and parent-teachers have found it very intuitive and easy to use.

Using the Premium Teacher Dashboard 

  1. Manage Students - This link takes you back to the main page.  More...
  2. Settings - Student and management settings.  More...
  3. Downloads - Link to items you have purchased.  More...
  4. Reports - Dozens of real-time and historic reports available.  More...
  5. Resources - Teacher and parent resources.  More...
  6. Logout - Logout of the management system.
  7. Add Student - Add students - name, password, avatar name.  More...
  8. Filter by Class - Only view students assigned to a specific class. More...
  9. Filter by Group - View only students assigned to a certain group. More...
  10. Add Classes - Add multiple classes to manage students more efficiently.  More...
  11. Add Groups - Classify students into groups.  More...
  12. Username - The system will assign the student a username. More...
  13. Avatar Name - View and change student avatar name. More...
  14. No Ads - Select which students have the "No Ads" option.  More...
  15. Class - Sort based on class. More...
  16. Edit - Edit student information.  More...
  17. Password - View and change student passwords. More...
  18. Premium - Select which students have "Premium" features. More...
  19. Group - Sort by group.  More...
  20. Delete - Delete a student.  More...
  21. Login as Student - Easily get a lab ready.  More...
  22. Edit Parents - Print parent letters and manage parents.  More...



Premium Teacher Dashboard -

1. Manage Students (Main Dashboard Page)

  • This is the default login page.
  • Here is where students are managed.
    • Add and edit students
    • Add and edit classes and groups
    • Sort and filter students
  • This is also where you add, edit, and manage parents.


Manage Students |

2. Settings (Manage Class and Student Settings)

  • Student Dashboard Default - Set which page the students default to when they login. (Set to Premium Multiplication to try the Premium System - If you are working on addition, subtraction, or division, you can set the default to it.)
  • Manage Classes and Groups - Edit the settings for classes and groups. 
  • Move to New School - Change Email Address - Reset Password - My Downloads
  • Change Equations - This setting allows you to over-ride the system equation engine and set some or all of the students to work on only the equations you specify.
  • Change Amount of Time Required in Practice - Adjust the time students are required to Practice the Memory Pictures before they get a star.
  • Manage Credit Cards on File - Change My Name
  • Change Student Dashboard Tab Order - Change the order of the tabs a student sees at the top of the page.  (The first tab will always be the default tab)


Manage Settings |

3. Downloads (Quick Link to Purchased Downloads)

  • This takes you to a listing of the downloadable products you have purchased.

5. Resources (Teacher Resource Library)

  • Resources specifically for teachers and parents.
  • Printable Resources
  • Online Resources
  • Fact Specific Resources
Teacher Resources |

6. Logout (Logout of the management system)


7. Add Student (Add New Student)

  • This interface allows you to add one or more students
  • Just start typing and another input will be available.
  • Username - computer generated based on student name and zip code.
  • Password - enter password or have the computer generate one for you.
  • Group and Class - assign new students to specific classes or groups.
  • Click SUBMIT to finalize the addition of students.


Add a New Student |

8. Filter By Class (View Students in Specific Class) 

  • By selecting "Filter by Class" you can view just the students in a specific class.
  • Choose the class from the 'drop down'.
Filter your students by Class |

9. Filter By Group (View Students in Specific Group)

  • By selecting "Filter by Group" you can view just the students in a specific group.
  • Choose the group from the 'drop down'.
Filter Student by a Group - Premium

10. Add Class (Add a New Class)

  • This interface is very similar to the "Add Students" interface.
  • Just enter the Class Name. 
  • To finish, select Submit.
Add a Class |

11. Add Groups (Add a New Group)

  • This interface allows you to add Groups.
  • This allows you to filter and report on certain segments of the classroom.
  • Enter the Group Name.
  • Select Submit to complete.


Add Groups |

12. Username (Student Username)

  • The student username is generated by the system.
  • The username uses the information you entered for the first name and last name plus the zip code for the school.
  • The username is ONLY seen by the student, parent, and the teacher. 
  • All others see the student avatar name.  (For security)
  • You do not need to use the student's real name for added security.


13. Avatar Name (Student Avatar Name)

  • A random avatar name is generated for the student by the system when the student account is added.
  • You can view and change the avatar name here.
  • The student can change the avatar name in their dashboard.
  • The avatar name is used for security.  It's the only name anyone outside the system will see.  (Games and activities) 


Avatar Name |

14. No Ads (Main Dashboard Page)

  • Check the box in this column if you have purchased the "No Ads" version of the system.


15. Class (Add and Sort by Class - Optional)

  • Click the word CLASS to sort the student by class name.
  • Click in the box below CLASS that aligns with a student.  This will allow you to select a class or change the class the student is associated with.


Add and Sort by Class |

16. Edit (Edit Student Data)

  • The edit button at the right of the student data allows you to edit data in the row.
  • You can also CLICK in any cell to edit the data.


Edit Student Data |

17. Password (View and Edit Password)

  • Edit the student password here.
  • Just click on the current password to edit it.
  • Click Done to finish or click out of the box.


Add or Edit Password |

18. Premium (Select Premium)

  • If you have purchased Premium licenses, this is where you select which students receive Premium.
  • The Premium features are activated immediately, but a student will need to logout and then back in to see the features. 


Select Premium |

19. Group (Add and Sort by Group)

  • Click the word GROUP to sort the student by class name.
  • Click in the box below GROUP that aligns with a student.  This will allow you to select a group or change the group the student is associated with.


Add or Sort by Group |

20. Delete (Delete Student Account)

  • Click the DELETE button to delete the student account.
  • ALL STUDENT DATA will be deleted with the account.  (USE WITH CAUTION)


Delete Student |

21. Login as Student (Switch Login to Student)

  • When you hover over a student's row, the "Login as Student" appears.
  • Clicking on this box automatically LOGS YOU OUT and logs the student in.
  • This feature was added by teacher request.
  • A teacher does not need to remember all student login names and passwords to setup a lab.
  • A teacher can login and setup each computer for a different student by having the system switch to a specific student account.


Login As Student |

22 Edit Parents (Add, Edit, Printout Authorization Form)

  • Click 'Edit Parents" to manage parent account.
  • This is where you print out the individual parent authorization form.  Send this form home with the student and the parent can view reports and see their child's performance.  (The authorization form has a student specific CODE.) 
  • Once a parent uses the form and sets up an account, they will be listed here. 
  • Multiple parents can setup an account to link to a child.  (They will need a separate email account.) 
  • This is also the form sent home for teachers opting to have a Premium account based on Parent Sponsorships. 


Animated Coin Quiz |