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Our bestselling books and resources cover everything you need to know to teach and master the multiplication facts.
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Memorize in Minutes The Times Table
Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables
  • 244 pages of step-by-step lesson plans, activities, worksheets, flashcards, tests, and more
  • Includes digital download of the student ebook.
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Multiplication in a Flash
Multiplication in a Flash
  • 288 page book full of tricks and mnemonic
    techniques to help teach the twos, fives, and nines
  • Uses pictures and stories to teach the other facts
  • Includes digital download of the student ebook
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Praise for Memorize in Minutes: The Times Table

Thank you so much for this publication! My son and I have moved up to the 12's and have made up our own stories for that level. He has gained so much confidence and speed. He doesn't forget anymore... - Renee, Laguna Nigel, CA
I have used this book in my fourth grade classroom... The results are mind-boggling! Students that did not have a "hook" for memorizing basic facts now smile as the picture in their mind comes to life and they know the answers immediately. I cannot say enough about how this has instilled confidence and success in my students. You won't be disappointed! - Sharlayne, an Amazon review
I was very frustrated because I couldn't find something that worked for [my son]. Your book worked wonderfully! ...Those multiplication facts are now firmly entrenched in his long term memory... it really has increased his confidence. - Sue and Josh, parents