Addition Knock Down


Addition Knock Down - Addition Math Game

Content Skill: Addition        
Common Core State Standards:
 CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 - Fluently add within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.


If you like Angry Birds, you will love Addition Knock Down! In this game, you sling balls at boxes, trying to knock all the boxes off the platforms. As you progress through the levels, the boxes and the platforms change and become more difficult. Before you get to shoot a ball at the box, you will answer an addition fact. If you are logged into the student management system, the questions you answer will be based on the addition facts you are currently working on. The addition facts presented are not random. Our probability engine chooses addition problems based on difficulty and your progress. This Angry Birds style game is a challenging yet fun way to practice and learn the addition facts!


Welcome to Addition Knock Down | 
Step 1
Welcome to Addition Knock Down. At the opening screen, choose "Play" to begin playing the game. Select “How to Play” for the game directions.
How to Play Addition Knock Down | 
Step 2
There are 18 unique and interesting levels. The object of the game is to knock down all the boxes with the slingshot and balls. When all the boxes fall down, the level will be complete. In each level, there are a certain number of balls and limited time. If you run out of balls or time, the level will fail! Each level score depends on how many balls are left and how much time is left.
Unlock all of the Levels in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 3
As you pass each level by knocking down all of the boxes, another level will be unlocked.
Level One of Addition Knock Down | 
Step 4
At the top left is the level you are on. You can also restart the level or end the level at the top left of the screen. The top right displays the time you have left. Sound Effects can be turned off by clicking the Sound Effects Icon. The music can be turned off by clicking the Music Icon.
Aim the Slingshot in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 5
To fling the pellet at the boxes, click and hold the ball. Without releasing, move the mouse cursor to the left and down. The ball will be pulled back. To sling the ball, release the mouse button. The ball will follow the path you set. 
Sling the Ball in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 6
If you sling the ball at the right direction, they will knock down the boxes. To pass the level, knock all of the boxes off all of the platforms. The ball uses motion physics to travel, bounce and hit the boxes in a realistic manner.
Solve Addition Facts in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 7
After you sling your first ball, you will need to answer an addition fact to get you next ball. Just click on the correct answer. If you don’t remember the answer and are logged into our student management system, you can get a hint by clicking on the equation above the game.
Game Over in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 8
If you don’t knock all of the boxes off the platform or you run out of time during the level, you will not pass the level. No worries, just try again! Click on "Restart level."
Knock Down all the Boxes to Win in Addition Knock Down | 
Step 9
When you knock all of the boxes off the platform in time, you will pass the level. You have a choice of playing the level again to increase your score on the level (Restart Level) or you can choose to go to the next level (Next Level). You can also choose to replay any level you have already passed (Select Level) or return to the starting menu (Main Menu).
Addition Knock Down makes learning the addition facts fun!