Bubble Bugs

Bubble Bugs - Speed Skills Game


Get out your bubble wand and go catch some bugs in bubbles!


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Step 1
Start the game by clicking "PLAY."
Catch Bugs with your Bubble Wand in Bubble Bugs | Multiplication.com 
Step 2
Click and drag with your bubble wand to blow bubbles. Blow bubbles around bugs to catch them for points! Don't try to catch leaves or dandelions unless a bug is riding on it. When you're playing, keep an eye on the timer and the bubble bottle on the right side of the screen. If you run out of bubble soap or time, the game will end. Sometimes a bubble bottle or clock will fall across the screen that you can catch with your bubbles! They will help refill your bubble soap and time. You will also get a time bonus if you catch more than one bug in a bubble.
Catch as Many Bugs as you can in Bubble Bugs | Multiplication.com 
Step 3
Catch as many bugs as you can before you run out of soap or time! Click "PLAY AGAIN" to start the game over.