Chopper Challenge - Addition


Chopper Challenge - Operation Air Mail - Addition

Content Skill: Addition        
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 - Fluently add within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.


Help Chopper Charlie deliver packages while practicing the addition facts in this free online game. The cargo dangling from the helicopter is an addition problem. Fly the helicopter to the farm with the answer displayed on the barn doors. Deliver the cargo to the correct farm before running out of fuel. Watch out for the towers, birds, and hot air balloons!

Chopper Charlie makes learning the addition facts fun!


Welcome to Chopper Challenge Addition | 
Step 1
After the game loads, select "LEVEL 1" (You will have 3 levels to complete).
Choose Fact Families for Chopper Challenge Addition | 
Step 2
Choose the addition fact families you would like to practice by clicking on the corresponding switches. A red light will light up on the fact families you have chosen.

Instructions - Click on the instruction to see the games instructions.

Take Off - Click on "TAKE OFF" to begin the game.

How to Play Chopper Challenge Addition | 
Step 3
Instructions - The Preflight Checklist has detailed instructions for playing the game.

- Use the arrow keys to control the helicopter.
- Lower the helicopter and package to the correct barn. 

Get Ready to Fly in Chopper Challenge Addition | 
Step 4
When the game begins, packages will be loaded into the helicopter. Then the helicopter will automatically take off and hover. To begin flying, press the right arrow key.
Carry Packages in Chopper Challenge Addition |
Step 5
The helicopter heads-up display
- Top display (Left to Right)
   - Your score
   - Pause button
   - Sound ON or OFF
   - Next problems
   - Helicopter lives left (You start with 3)
- Lower Display (Left to Right)
   - Current problem (enlarged)
   - Radar of barns with problems
   - Fuel Gauge  
Crash Landing in Chopper Challenge Addition |
Step 6
Be careful that you don't run out of fuel or hit a tower! If you do crash, after Charlie climbs out of the helicopter and kicks the dirt, you will have a new helicopter hovering ready to fly.
Deliver Packages to the Right Farms in Chopper Challenge Addition |
Step 7
When you lower the helicopter to the correct barn, the barn will glow. The helicopter will automatically return to a hover and a new question will be displayed.
You Won Chopper Challenge Addition |
Step 8
Successfully answer the problems correctly and head to level 2 and 3 with more obstacles to dodge!