Cone Crazy - LEVELS


Cone Crazy Levels - Multiplication Math Game

Content Skill: Multiplication        
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7 - Fluently multiply within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.


Cone Crazy Levels is a great game to help students learn the multiplication tables. It's been a student favorite at for years. In it, you answer multiplication questions to help serve ice cream to cute penguins. This game is a great way to learn your multiplication facts because you're faced with a large number of multiplication questions throughout the game. Students always get a laugh at the facial expressions that the penguins have when they get a question right or when they get a question wrong.


Welcome to Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 1
After the game finishes loading, you're welcomed to the ice cream shop. Click on one of the three ice cream scoop levels to get started.
It's Your First Day at Cone Crazy in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 2
This screen is your welcome message to get the game started. You're told that you must try to answer the questions correctly in order to keep the penguins from leaving angry. Customer service is always king in the ice cream business! Click "Start" to begin.
Serve the Right Ice Cream in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 3
Now comes the fun part! Penguin customers will begin coming into the ice cream shop. Answer their multiplication question correctly by clicking on the ice cream bin represented by the correct answer, and you'll give the penguin the scoop of ice cream they're looking for. Answer the multiplication question incorrectly, and you'll give the penguin a scoop of ice cream they didn't want. You'll see them start to look upset. If you answer the question incorrectly two times the penguin will leave in a huff. Notice there is an indicator at the bottom left telling you how many customers have been happy or sad and an indicator telling you how many customers are left in this level.
Choose New Wallpaper in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 4
After you successfully answered all the multiplication questions from level one, you now go to level two. But before you go to level two, you get to choose a new background for your ice cream shop. Click one of the three backgrounds to go to the next level.
Get Ready for Level Two in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 5
This screen will let you know that level two is a little tougher because you'll have to answer two multiplication questions for every penguin. Click the "Start" button to move on.
Serve Two Scoops in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 6
Now you need to answer the first multiplication problem represented by the scoop at the bottom. Then after successfully answering the first multiplication question, answer the second multiplication question represented by the top scoop.
Pick New Tables in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 7
After you finish level two, you will be able to now select the color of tables that will be shown in level three. Click one of the three tables to move on.
Get Ready for Level Three in Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 8
This screen lets you know that these penguins are pretty picky. Click the start button to get started answering questions in level three.
You Won Cone Crazy Levels | 
Step 9
After you finish level three, you will see this congratulations screen letting you know that you have passed all three levels of the Cone Crazy multiplication game! If you'd like to play again, simply click the "Play Again?" button.