County Fair Crackshot

County Fair Crackshot - Reflex Skills Game


How are your reflexes? Test them out in this wacky carnival game! Shoot eggs at fast moving targets, but be careful to hit the right ones!


Welcome to Country Fair Crackshot | 
Step 1
Welcome to the fair! Start the game by clicking "PLAY." This screen lets you know that you should shoot the green targets and avoid the red ones.
Shoot the Right Target in County Fair Crackshot | 
Step 2
Move your mouse to aim the crosshairs and click to fire an egg. Try to hit only the right targets! If you hit the wrong target you'll lose a life. Lose all three lives and the game is over. Shoot targets until the level runs out of time.
Aim for all Kinds of Different Targets in County Fair Crackshot | 
Step 3
After you finish a level, this screen will show you which targets to shoot and which ones to avoid.
Knock Down all the Targets to win in County Fair Crackshot | 
Step 4
There are nine levels to shoot your way through! When you finish, click "PLAY AGAIN" to start over. Go crack a few eggs!