Crazy Car Parking


Crazy Car Parking - Puzzle Game


Try out your car parking skills with our Crazy Car Parking game! Put your mind to the test with these parking puzzles.


Welcome to Crazy Car Parking | 
Step 1
Start the game by clicking "Start."
Move the Cars Back and Forth in Crazy Car Parking | 
Step 2
Move the cars around the parking lot so the red car can get to the exit! All of the cars can only move forward and backward in the direction they're facing. The steps show how many times you've moved a car. The complexity is how hard the level is. There are twenty levels to solve, and you can move through them by clicking "Prev Level" and "Next Level."
Get the Red Car out of the Lot to win in Crazy Car Parking | 
Step 3
When you finish the twentieth level, you'll go back to the first level. Move those cars!