Eat or Be Eaten


Eat or Be Eaten - Adventure Game


Eat as many fish as you can. But be sure not to bite off more than you can chew in this exciting underwater game!


Welcome to Eat or be Eaten | 
Step 1
To get to the game instructions, click "How to Play." Click "Sound is On" to mute the game, and to start the game, click "New Game."
Eat Small Fish to Grow Big in Eat or be Eaten | 
Step 2
In this game, you want to eat other fish to get bigger and bigger! Move your mouse to move the fish around and catch other fish, but you can only eat fish that are smaller than you. If you try to eat a fish bigger than you, you'll lose a life! When you first start out, you'll be big enough to eat the yellow and pink fish. Eat enough and you'll become big enough to eat the purple fish, and then eventually you'll be big enough to eat the green fish. Watch out for sharks! You'll never become large enough to eat them. Eat the glowing starfish to gain lives. The bar in the upper left corner of the screen will fill up as you eat more fish. Fill the bar to complete the level!
Conquer the Whole Ocean in Eat or be Eaten | 
Step 3
There are fourteen levels to beat. Complete all of them to conquer the whole sea!
You won Eat or be Eaten | 
Step 4
To play the game again, click "Back."