Flying Cat


Flying Cat - Reflex Skills Game


Strap on your jetpack and test out your flying skills and satisfy your sweet tooth all in one in this awesome game. Fly as high as you can!


Welcome to Flying Cat | 
Step 1
Help the kitty reach new heights! Click anywhere on the screen to blast off.
Fly as High as you can in Flying High | 
Step 2
This cat's jetpack is fueled by candy! Keep collecting candy to keep him in the air. The cakes will give you extra points, and if you grab a magnet, all the candy will be attracted to you for a short time. If the cat starts to fall, click again to give him a jetpack boost. But you can only do this three times! The soda cups at the bottom of the screen show how many boosts you have left. If you're lucky, you might grab more soda cups while you're flying! The number next to the piece of candy at the bottom of the screen is how many points you've gotten, and the number next to the upwards arrow is how high you've reached.
Don't Fly into Lightning Clouds in Flying Cat | 
Step 3
Watch out for the lightning clouds! if you run into one, the cat will get zapped and fall out of the sky.
Game Over in Flying Cat | 
Step 4
If the cat ever falls down, the game will end. Try to get as high as you can!