Gift Grab

Gift Grab - Fun Christmas Game


It's Christmas and Santa's out making deliveries! Help him out by grabbing the presents he drops. Just watch out for coal!


Welcome to Gift Grab | 
Step 1
Start the game by clicking "PLAY."
Catch the Presents with the Chimney in Gift Grab | 
Step 2
As Santa Claus flies back and forth across the screen he will drop candy and toys. Move your mouse to move the chimney to catch the gifts with! But don't catch coal or snowmen. The coal will light a fire in the chimney and destroy any presents you catch! A snowman will freeze over the chimney and presents will bounce right off of it. Catch as many gifts as you can before the time runs out. The timer is the top number in the upper left corner. The number underneath is how many presents you've caught. You can boost the amount of time you have left by catching clocks or ten presents.
Grab as Many Presents as you can in Gift Grab | 
Step 3
The game will end when the timer runs out. Click "PLAY AGAIN" to start over. Go catch some presents!