Jumper Frog


Jumper Frog - Timing Skills Game


If you like Frogger, You'll love Jumper Frog! Move fast in this game to get the frogs across the highway and the river to safety.


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Step 1
Start the game by clicking "PLAY."
Get to Safety in Jumper Frog | Multiplication.com 
Step 2
Your frog will start off before the road. Use the right, left, up, and down arrow keys to move the frog. Don't get run over by any cars! After the road, you need to get across the river. Jump onto the moving logs and turtles and then into an open space in the bushes. Grab a fly for extra points. Be careful when you jump on the turtles! Sometimes they'll sink under the water. If the frog ever touches the water or a car, you'll lose a life! Get five frogs across without losing all your lives or running out of time, and you'll get to the next level!
Game Over in Jumper Frog | Multiplication.com 
Step 3
If you run out of frog lives, the game will end! Click the screen to start the game over.