Jungle Jim


Jungle Jim - Multiplication Math Game

Content Skill: Multiplication        
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7 - Fluently multiply within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.


Jungle Jim is ready to get his tiki mask! First, he has to master three different skills. Shoot darts at targets, play the drums, and catch fish! Every new challenge is harder than the one before it.


Welcome to Jungle Jim | 
Step 1
To start the game, click the arrow in the bottom right corner.
Target Practice with the Monkeys in Jungle Jim | 
Step 2
Jungle Jim's first challenge is shooting darts. Click on the target held by a monkey with the correct answer to the multiplication problem. In this game, you get to practice all of the multiplication facts, instead of one fact group.
Play the Drums in Jungle Jim | 
Step 3
For the next challenge, Jim plays the drums. Click on the drum with the right answer to the multiplication problem.
Rock the Drums with the Village Band in Jungle Jim | 
Step 4
When you finish the drum challenge, the villagers will be so impressed they'll want to play a song with you! Bang on the drums as much as you want. When you're ready to move to the next challenge, click on the orange arrow that says "skip song."
Catch Some Fish in Jungle Jim | 
Step 5
For Jungle Jim to finish his tiki, he has to go fishing! Click on the fish with the right answer. Careful, those fish are fast! If the fish with the correct answer swims off-screen, you'll miss that multiplication problem.
You Won a Tiki Mask in Jungle Jim | 
Step 6
And that's how Jungle Jim can get his tiki mask! Click "play again" if you want to try the game again.