Kung Fu Salad


Kung Fu Salad - Reflex Skills Game


Try out your kung fu chef skills as you slice and dice your way through three exciting levels. Things are going crazy in this kitchen, so make sure your knives and your reflexes are sharp!


Welcome to Kung Fu Salad | 
Step 1
Enter this crazy kitchen by clicking anywhere on the screen.
Choose a Difficulty Level in Kung Fu Salad | 
Step 2
To start the game, choose a level of difficulty. Casual is easy, normal is medium, and master is hard.
Slice up Vegetables in Kung Fu Salad | 
Step 3
Move the knife around with your mouse to slice up vegetables. The more pieces you slice up a vegetable into, the more points you get. But if a veggie falls below the screen unsliced, you'll lose a life! The number of chef hats in the right bottom corner of the screen is how many lives you have. The more vegetables you slice, the harder the game will get!
Watch out for Rotten Vegetables in Kung Fu Salad | 
Step 4
All kinds of strange things will happen in the kitchen! If you lose a life or slice up something odd, the game will pause and a tip will pop up. Restart the game by clicking on the hint. If you don't want to get tips, click on the "SHOW TIPS" box. Watch out for rotten veggies, frogs, and mirrors! Rotten vegetables are a darker color and look stinky and you'll lose a life if you cut one. Frogs will slow down your knife until you shake them off, and mirrors will reverse the direction of your knife for a few seconds. Try to slice stars and chef hats! The stars will slow down the vegetables for a few seconds, and chef hats will give you more lives.
Game Over in Kung Fu Salad | 
Step 5
Run out of lives and the game will end. Click "PLAY AGAIN!" to start over.