Missile Defense


Missile Defense - Tower Defense Game


Put on your space suit and helmet, and get ready to defend the galactic frontier! Shoot down all of the meteors before they destroy the outposts.


Welcome to Missile Defense | 
Step 1
To begin the game, click on "CLICK TO PLAY!"
Protect the Colonies from Meteorites in Missile Defense | 
Step 2
The meteors will come in waves. The first screen warns you of the approaching meteors.
Upper right corner - To toggle the sound on and off, click on the speaker icon. To turn the music off, click on the music icon. Click on the "Q" to reduce the quality of the graphics but speed up the game for older computers. The pause button is also in the top right corner.
Upper left corner - Your score and the wave number are displayed here.
Bottom of screen - Here are your colonies. Protect them from incoming meteors.
Shoot the Meteorites with Missiles in Missile Defense | 
Step 3
Aim the missiles with the mouse. Put the bottom of the meteor in your crosshairs and launch the missile by clicking the mouse. Destroy the meteors before they reach your colonies!
Stop Each Wave of Meteorites in Missile Defense | 
Step 4
As the waves progress, so does the speed and number of meteors!
Protect the Colonies for as Long as you can in Missile Defense | 
Step 5
The game continues until all of your colonies have been destroyed.
Game Over in Missile Defense | 
Step 6
When all the colonies have been destroyed, your score will be displayed.
Click on "CLICK TO PLAY AGAIN!" to start a new game.