Ship Shuffle


Ship Shuffle - Puzzle Game


Oh no, the harbor is packed! Rearrange the boats so that the tugboat can get out of the harbor in the shortest amount of time that you can.


Welcome to Ship Shuffle | 
Step 1
Click "PLAY" to start the game.
Move the Boats around the Harbor in Ship Shuffle | 
Step 2
Rearrange the boats so the tugboat can get out of the harbor! The ships can only move forward and backward in the direction they're facing.
Get the Tugboat out of the Harbor to win in Ship Shuffle | 
Step 3
Once the tugboat's path is clear, move it to the white space at the end of the harbor. The timer will count how long it takes you to solve the puzzle, and you'll get more points the quicker you get the tugboat out of the harbor!
Solve all of the Puzzles in Ship Shuffle | 
Step 4
There are twenty unique puzzles to solve. Click "PLAY AGAIN" to start the game over. Go put your mind to the test!