Snowboard Challenge

Snowboard Challenge - Reflex Skills Game


Get ready to shred some powder! Fly down the slope on a snowboard while doing cool tricks, but watch out for obstacles!


Welcome to Snowboard Challenge | 
Step 1
Click the "?" button to look at the game instructions. Click "PLAY" to hit the slopes!
Shred some Powder in Snowboard Challenge | 
Step 2
Use your mouse to move the snowboarder around. Try to collect the golden coins. When you hit a snow ramp, you'll fly into the air and you can do tricks to earn points! Make sure you're not doing a trick when you land or you'll lose a life.

Use these keys to do tricks:

A - 180

S - flip

D - side kick

Watch out for trees, rocks, snow piles, and more! Some obstacles will make you fall and lose a life and others will slow you down.

Watch out for Obstacles in Snowboard Challenge | 
Step 3
If you lose all your lives, the game is over!
You won Snowboard Challenge | 
Step 4
Snowboard far enough down the slope and you'll win. Click "PLAY" to go to the next level.