Space Race

Space Race - Multiplication Math Game

Content Skill: Multiplication         
Common Core State Standards: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7 - Fluently multiply within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.


In this multi-player Space Race, students from anywhere in the world (or out of this world) can race one another while practicing their multiplication facts. Answer multiplication problems the fastest to speed your space ship over the finish line!


Welcome to Space Race | 
Step 1
Start the game by clicking "PLAY."
Choose a Username for Space Race | 
Step 2
First, choose a username that all the other players can see. No mean or bad words allowed in your username!
Join a Game in Space Race | 
Step 3
You can choose a public game or a private game. In a public game, anyone that wants to can join. In a private game, you can only join if you know the game's password. Play private games with your friends! Up to four people can play in a game. Select a game and click "PLAY NOW," but if you don't feel like waiting for a game, you can click "CREATE GAME."
Create a Game in Space Race | 
Step 4
You can create a public or a private game. If you create a private game, you will also have to create a password for the game. Select a public or private game and click "CREATE GAME."
Get Ready to Race in Space Race | 
Step 5
This screen is where the players join the game. If four players don't join, the game will add computer players to any empty spots. Click "START GAME" and the race will start in three seconds.
Solve the Facts in Space Race | 
Step 6
Here's where the action starts! Answer multiplication problems correctly to make your spaceship jump forward. But if you answer the question wrong, your ship will lose speed! Solve the multiplication problems as fast as you can to get ahead of the other ships! The map in the right bottom corner will show you where you are on the race track.
Win a Trophy in Space Race | 
Step 7
First, second, and third place will get trophies! This screen will also show you which problems you missed. If you want to race again, click "PLAY AGAIN."