Spot the Difference


Spot the Difference - Observation Skills Game


Can you find the differences in these pictures? Test your observation skills with this game!


Welcome to Spot the Difference | 
Step 1
Click "PLAY" to start the game.
Find all the Things that are Different in Spot the Difference | 
Step 2
Find the differences between the pictures! Click on a difference and a red circle will be put around it. There are seven differences in each set of pictures.
Game Over in Spot the Difference | 
Step 3
You'll have thirty seconds to find all the differences! If you run out of time click "PLAY AGAIN" to try again.
You Won Spot the Difference | 
Step 4
There are five sets of pictures to spot differences in. Finish them all and you'll win the game! Click "PLAY AGAIN" to start over.