Valentine Pogo


Valentine Pogo - Timing Skills Game


Jump your way to love in this Valentine's Day themed pogo game! Collect hearts and avoid monsters to get to the very top.


Welcome to Valentine Pogo | 
Step 1
Start the game by clicking anywhere on the screen.
Bounce your way to the Top in Valentine Pogo | 
Step 2
Move your mouse around the screen to move the pogo-sticking cupid around. Collect hearts as you jump from platform to platform!
Collect Hearts in Valentine Pogo | 
Step 3
Watch out for monsters! If you run into one you'll lose a piece of your heart, but if you jump on its head it'll disappear. Don't run out of heart pieces or you'll lose the game! Keep an eye on the timer at the top of the screen. If it runs out, a ghost will start chasing you around the screen! Either reach the end of the level or the ghost will steal all the pieces of your heart.
Reach the Start to Win in Valentine Pogo | 
Step 4
When you reach the tallest platform in the level, there will be a big gold star waiting for you. Touch it and you'll finish the level!
Hop Through the Levels in Valentine Pogo | 
Step 5
When you finish a level, you'll get a score based on how many stars you collected and how quickly you completed the level. Click anywhere on the screen to go to the next level. Get jumping!