Premium Learning System Membership

Your kids will learn the multiplication facts... guaranteed!

  • Self-paced, so kids learn quickly!
    Automatically monitors and adjusts to individual student needs. Students move through the facts faster and with more confidence.
  • Engaging format builds confidence
    Easy to use picture/story memory strategies build self-confidence.  Animated movies and fun games make learning feel like play.
  • Detailed reporting tools
    Immediate insights into student performance, accuracy, fluency, and if students are staying on task.
  • No ads & Affordable
    Games, activities, and lessons display full screen, without the distraction of annoying ads at an affordable price.

A powerful proven memory system that really works!

According to a recent study, only 3 in 10 elementary students know the multiplication facts up through the nines. Our system uses scientifically proven methods that engage the brain and make the memories stick.


Easy Classroom Management

Easy to manage teacher and parent dashboard |

Increase Fluency with Games

Fun games that help kids build fluency |

Activities that Boost Memory

Fun activities that help kids anchor the fact memory |

Insightful Reports

Dozens on intuitive reports to assess progress |

Auto-Scored Quizzes

Quizzes that help check progress and keep kids focused |

Awards & Rewards

Hundreds of awards that keep kids excited about learning |

Simple Steps for a Complex Process

Premium Membership has a delightful, easy-to-use interface that organizes each stage of the learning process into simple, easy to follow steps. Kids love that there is an animated robot directing them where to go next.


The management system is simple and intuitive |

Easy to Manage (The system does the heavy lifting for you.)

  • The system automatically corrects the quizzes, tests, and activities for you.
  • At any time, you can view reports that quickly display current and historic data.
  • Add, remove, or modify student information in seconds.
  • The system is always monitoring, adjusting, and recording data for each student, as well as summarizing it for your class.
  • Display data for all of your kids, an individual student, or a defined group.

Motivating Awards and Rewards

To keep kids motivated and engaged, the system monitors their daily usage and rewards their progress and diligent work with trophies and coins that unlock avatar accessories.


What are you waiting for?
Help your kids succeed, TODAY!

  • Individualizes the teaching sequence for each child

  • Automatically monitors, tracks, records, and reports

  • Engaging student motivators

  • All ads removed so games, quizzes, and activities display full screen

Use our Premium System to Teach Kids the Multiplication Facts |