The Dream is Finally Coming TRUE!

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I started eighteen years ago.  My dream has always been to have a site that teaches kids how to REMEMBER the multiplication facts.  I think has done a good job of helping kids PRACTICE the times tables.  But, has fallen short when it comes to actually TEACHING them how to remember them.  We have oodles of resources that help PARENTS and TEACHERS teach kids how to remember.  But,  the site itself doesn't teach.

Student Dashboard - Multiplication.comThis weekend, all that will change.  For almost two years, the dedicated team has been tackling my dream.  Friday evening we will be shutting down the site while we upload thousands of line code and hundreds of new features.  It is truly a tireless system that teaches kids the times tables. We have been Beta testing for the last few months and everyone who has worked with the new system LOVES it.  

Behind the scenes, the heart of the system is a new "equation engine" that monitors kids as they take quizzes, play games, and work with activities.  It automatically adjusts to a child's ability.  Where we use to gather data on one quiz... the "Quick Quiz."  We now gather hundreds of bits of data on each student... every minute.  We track every equation they work with and know whether it was answer correctly or incorrectly and how long it took them to get the answer.  

Telling you about all of the new features would take a ream 

Don't worry, the old site will remain almost exactly the same.  When kids use the Free Student Management System, they will notice a new tab at the top of the page.  "Premium Multiplication"