I Hate Math

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Have you ever heard a child say, "I hate math." I've heard it WAY to many times!

Have you ever heard a child say, "I hate math."  I've heard it WAY to many times!

It's been my experience that students don't like what they fail at or aren't good at. In my teaching career, I found the trick is to give them success.  Don't just say, "Nice job.”  Put them in situations where they succeed.  Not superficial success, but deep down honest success.  

In the beginning, it usually means that you will need to over-teach the concept.   Start with simple concepts and build on each success.
How does this look with multiplication?

Start with the zeros.  (I know they are simple… but we are looking for success.)  Have the child practice with flash cards or with another student until you are sure they will be successful.  Give them a quiz over the zeros.  Celebrate their success!

Build on the success and teach them the ones.  When you are sure they will be successful, quiz them on the zeros and ones.  Celebrate!  Let them know that they have already mastered 20 of the math facts!

Add the other facts s-l-o-w-l-y.  Let the child be successful every step of the way.  Use every trick you can think of to make remembering the facts simple.  Rhymes, songs, rap… make it FUN.

I have witnessed hundreds of students who have turned from haters of a subject to lovers by being successful.