The Inspiration Behind the Math Game "Flying High"

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The true story behind Flying High, one of my favorite games on the site!

For years, I have been trying to convince our game developer to design a FLYING game to practice the times tables.  A few months ago, Natasha finished the development of "Flying High."  I had her model the airplane after the Van's RV-9A homebuilt airplane.

I have always been fascinated by airplanes.  So, five years ago I started taking flying lessons.  My only regret is that I didn't start flying sooner.  It is soooo much fun.  After I earned my private pilot license, I thought it would be cool to build an airplane.  After much research, I ended up buying a kit from Van's Aircraft.  (Van's RV-9A)  When the kit was delivered it was like a giant, gazillion piece erector set.  Looking at all the pieces stacked up in the hangar I thought it would take 100 years to put the thing together.  Well, three years and 12,000 rivets later, I had a flying airplane.