March Madness! Bracket up for multiplication fun!

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My niece attends Gonzaga University and we are pretty excited about the Bulldogs making it into the NCAA basketball championship!  Ms Croucher, a teacher at Brandon Gate Public School, brought March Madness into her math classroom!  

Reading her twitter posts at @MsCroucher3A, it is evident that she is a teacher who cares about the success of her students.  As a hook to get her kids excited, she divided them into brackets, similar to the NCAA tournament brackets.  Fun!

Hmm, I wonder if she had them practice skip counting by twos and threes:-) 

A gifted teacher takes what is happening in the world and integrates it into the classroom.  Hats off to Ms Croucher.

(The picture links to Ms Croucher's twitter page.)

Update - My opinion of Ms Croucher went up another notch this afternoon.  I truly selfless teacher shares her inspiration.  I received a note from her sharing that she got the idea from Mr Wigmore.  (It sounds like the school is filled with awesome teachers!)