Multiplication Facts that STICK

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Chip and Dan Heath, in their book, Made to Stick, do a fabulous job of explaining the research behind what makes a memory stick.  The six principles they share are: simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions, and stories.  Below is how the principles researched in Made to Stick, apply to Multiplication in a Flash.

  • Simple – The pictures, stories, and activities are SIMPLE, designed for teachers, parents, and students to understand easily.
  • Unexpected – If the pictures and stories seem strange, funny, and outlandish, it is to make them memorable and different.
  • Concrete – The core of this system is taking abstract numbers and making them into tangible, unforgettable pictures.
  • Credible – This is where the teacher or parent comes in.  Children need to know and believe that the system works.  Luckily, based on thousands of letters, email messages, and phone calls, the system has been unbelievably successful.  (Read what teachers and parent say about the system here:
  • Emotional – To help the multiplication facts stick, many of the pictures and stories are funny, unusual, or strange.
  • Story – All of the pictures are accompanied by a story to help anchor the memory.