3 Simple Success Strategies for Multiplication Facts

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Sometimes solutions to tough problems are easier than they look...and I really love to find those kinds of solutions!  On her blog, a math tutor named Celeste, told a moving tutoring story:    https://www.wyzant.com/resources/blogs/471834/michelle_elementary_math 

Celeste was working with a high school student who was "facing division problems, fractions, and factoring, and she did not have the basic tools" - the 1st of which was her multiplication facts!  Celeste toppled her student's learning barrier with a non threatening learning environment and 3 easy strategies!

  1. Games - Celeste showed her student a website with "fun, silly multiplication videogames."  Her student played so often, she almost became "addicted!"
  2. Flash cards - 5 minutes a day before any other work. When she "mastered" a fact, it was removed from the deck. The flash cards were virtually gone in 2-3 weeks.
  3. Silly songs - She made up silly songs to help her student remember answers.

All 3 of Celeste's strategies are based on action and a  "play" attitude. Since "play," is a child's 1st and most intuitive learning tool, why not use it as a success strategy for learning facts?

Though online games are controversial among some, everyone agrees they are both fun and highly engaging!  Interested? Try this resource of great online fact practice games: http://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games

Although students have successfully used flash cards since 1834 (Wikipedia), current brain research has improved their effectiveness. Data on short and long term memory  shows we can strengthen our ability to retrieve information when it is paired with a meaningful visual image.

This resource for flashcards has improved success by pairing facts with fact-story images. The silliness of the story-picture makes it easy to remember.  Kids don't have to be relentlessly flashed with unknown facts, they can use the picture as a "retention coach," ready to retrieve the product as needed.   http://www.multiplication.com/resources/free-multiplication-flash-cards  

So if you want to try the 3 Simple Success strategies, give the 3  above resources a try.  You, like Celeste, may discover "Good Times.

   Cave Run is a multiplication game that kids love!