3 Fabulous Art Projects For Christmas

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It's that time of year when Christmas is on the brain. Christmas carols, warm sugar cookies and stockings by the fire.  

Like much of the country, we are covered in snow.  It is an early reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. And with all this snow you may need a few extra projects to keep the kids busy this holiday season.

Project #1 Christmas Tree

You will need:

1) Several paint colors 

2) popsicle sticks

3) cardstock paper 

4) buttons

5) glue gun 

6) glitter

7) Elmer's glue

First, for the Christmas tree, cut out triangles from your white card stock to your preferred size and shape. Now, have your child paint the tree as colorful as desired. While the tree is drying, glue the popsicle stick using hot glue onto the second piece of card stock needed for the project ( we used cardboard). Now glue the tree on top of the popsicle stick, leaving the desired amount of tree trunk showing.  Choose your favorite button for the tree topper, glue on top, and Voilà!

Project # 2  Button Collage

You will need: 

1) Buttons

2) Cardboard/Colored Cardstock

3) Hot glue

4) Pencil

Begin by writing in pencil the word of choice on the cardstock (Joy, Noel, Merry, etc.).  Now, outline the word by gluing buttons over the outline.  The final product is really sweet.  Perfect for a holiday display or grandparent gift.

Project #3 Water Color Trees

You will need:

1) Legal size white paper  

2) Water Color

3) Brown and white crayon

4) Pencil

Divide the paper in to 3 equal sections running vertical. At the bottom of the page draw a half circle to resemble a hill. Now use the white crayon to draw small circles all over the page.  Now in each section draw a tree using different size triangles.  Once the trees are drawn begin outlining  all the trees, section lines and the hill with a brown crayon. Next paint each section and tree with a different color.  

Merry Christmas! I hope you have some fun with these art projects at school or home.