3 Fun Ways to use Jelly Beans To Teach Math:Free Worksheet PDF's Included

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Let's face it, students can be won over with candy!  They can be persuaded to sit still for extended lengths of time, giving you their undivided attention and absolute silence with a wee bit o' candy bribery. That's why I think you are going to love incorporating these jelly bean worksheets.

They are perfect for incorporating common core and hands-on learning.

I recommend buying jelly beans in bulk from stores like WinCo.  Buying in bulk allows you to select the colors and saves money.  Buy enough beans to give each student about a 1/4 cup of jelly beans. You can do this before the assignment, use a measuring cup and plastic sandwich bags to pre-fill bags.

Remember: you hold the magic key.  If students behave, they can keep the beans for a treat.

The first worksheet will help students develop fraction skills. 

Begin by having your students guess how many jelly beans they think are in their bag. Then have your students count them and compare the answers. Next your students get to sort the jelly beans based on color.  To organize the chaos I like to have students sort the piles of jelly beans on a large sheet of paper and write the number under the piles.

This next worksheet will help students graph what they have sorted.

And the last worksheet will work on multiplication and creating arrays.