7 Summer Art Projects (That Secretly Involve Math)

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Summer is almost here! Hooray! I feel like I don't have the energy or creativity to pack one more lunch. 

This summer after the newness of summer has worn off and the boredom has set in, turn to these fast and easy art projects. You probably have most of the supplies at home. Turn on the pot of coffee, sit back and watch your kids create, no summer boredom here. And if that doesn't work, hey, there are always toilets to be cleaned and weeds to pull!

3D Hand Trace

This project is simple and you likely have everything needed at hand. I have done this as a class art project before. Students are always amazed at how this turns out. If you want to teach about 3D this would be a  great time to slip in a little learning to your summer.

Check out this link for more on 3-D shapes and worksheets.

Simply trace hands on a white sheet of paper. Outline the hands in black marker.  Using a ruler make straight lines across the page about 1/2 inch apart, making sure not to draw the line across the hand, save that till last.  Next, connect the straight lines with a small arch using the same color to connect to each straight line.

 Shape Collage


How many leftover paper towel and toilet paper holders do we throw away?!  Start saving them and voila you have a summer art project. 

Cut each toilet paper strip into 1/2 inch pieces. Have your kids do this, not only will this keep them busy, but practice measuring. 

Glue the 1/2" pieces to a piece of white paper.

Choose 4-5 fun colors and have kids paint the center of the leaf shape. 

Name Points

Kids seem to really identify with this project because it involves their name. Not only is it the focal point of the project, that can artfully decorate it to depict their personality.

This project requires little supplies and can potentially take a good amount of time. Whip this project out on a day your kids my be complaining of summer time boredom blues...Day 2!

Begin this project with your favorite colored makers and a crisy clean white sheet of paper. Have your kids write their names in capital block letters. Next, make a dot in te middle of the paper abour 2 inches from the top. Now connect the points from te block letters the the one central point at the top of the page. Voils, 3D name! Outline the name and lines in black.

Cupcake Decoration

I love cooking with my kids.

It is always a memorable time in the kitchen, enjoying what we made together. For some reason the meals I make with my kids just taste better, fuller and feel more special.  I may or may not pretend my name is June and Ward will be home in his suit, wearing a big smile, any minute for dinner.

You can make healthy cupcakes or go for the store bought, either way your kids will have a blast.  If I have to use store bought often I will add a little  ground flax seed to the mix.

Let your kids do all the measuring.  Have fun frosting and decorating choices available, and let them go for it. My oldest is a perfectionist and she loves artistic details. She would spend hours doing this. While my youngest would rather see how many colors and flavors she can cram on the top. But it doesn't matter, the point is to let them have fun and create.

If we make any sort of cake or cupcake I have to be honest, I love homemade frosting, the stuff in the plastic container does not float my boat! Check out these delicious and simple homemade frosting recipes.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

 And if you are feeling really sweet, let your kids share their creations with the neighbors.

Magazine silhouette strips

How cute is this! We all have old magazines laying around.  I love the idea of doing these on a piece of wood or cardboard.

You will need a few pieces of paper from teh magizie to mix up the color and pattern. Measure each strip in thin pieces. 

Start by having each child pick and animal. 

Next, draw the silhouette of the animal.

Then glue your pre cut strips vertically inside the silhouette.



This adorable fox is easy to make and focuses on putting shapes together. The end result the most adorable fox!

You will need:

Acrylic paints, black is a must, but choose your own fun colors.


Large rectangular white paper

Start with a large V shape about a 3rd of the way from the top of the page, this will be the foxes head. Close the V with a small arch connecting the points. Then add two small triangles for the ears. Now make a skinny oval for the fox body.

And an even skinner oval for his tail. At the point of the V of  the fax face make two half circles/ovals for the eyes. The foxes feet are also going to use the oval shape, one horizontal and one vertical. Make sure to outline the fox with black.

Mosaic Paint Chips

I have to admit my kids have an obsession with the colored paint samples at the home improvement stores! Every time we go in they load up on them. I feel guilty leaving with piles of freshly stocked colored cards, knowing that in moments I will be tossing them in the recycle bin.

But alas, here is a project for the paint chips. Turns out there existence isn't so pointless after all.

I have seen a lot of creative projects with these lately. Check out more creative ways to use paint chips here.

Using your favorite color of paint chips, cut them out into shapes. Kids could use whole punches or dye cuts, what ever you have on hand. Nest let them glue teh shapes to form patters and mosaics on a neat piece of wood, cardboard or paper.


Hopefully these ideas have helped and inspired you in some way to keep your summer creative, fun and full of a little secret learning.