Abstract Easter Egg Art Project

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Easter is here! 

I love Easter, it is one of my favorite holidays. Being with family, enjoying the meaning of Easter, meaningful dinners with delicious aromas wafting through the house, watching my kids hunt for eggs hoping there are some hidden treasure inside, sneaking the hidden chocolate treasures inside for myself...shhh!

My kids are a little old to do Easter crafts that involve cotton balls and dousing a bunny with glitter.

But this project is up their alley. 

They get to create abstract eggs using there own creative minds to place strips of vibrant Easter colors in any direction they please. 

You will need:

-White paper, the bigger the better, we went with 11x14, we wanted big eggs and lots of work space.

- Glue


-Strips of colored paper. 

-Washi tape

Start by making an egg shape that you can use as a stencil to trace the needed amount of eggs. 

Have each student cut out the egg and begin by randomly gluing the strips. Make sure to mix the colors and directions.

We used bright washi tape to add a little fun and pops of color. Once all the strips are glued down, turn the egg over and trim the excess of the strips to reform the egg shape.

Each student's egg came out so different and beautiful.