Average Tempature... Hot!

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Well, I don't know about you but it is hot around here this summer! I was longing for these long summer days but I must have forgotten how hot 110 degrees feels.

Thank goodness for swimming pools and air conditioners!

My kids have been lethargically asking "How many more days is it going to be this hot!?!"  ( Oh, wowes me, my poor children!)

So, I figured it was a good time to practice a little math.

We wanted to know the average temperature for the week.  You can do this at home, too. You can find your local TV station's 7 day forecast on the web. 

Next, have your kids write down the highs and add them together. 
Step 1:  97+100+94+91+91+98+101=672

Step 2:  672/7= 96 degrees

Congratulations, you just found the average temp= HOT!

Each of my kids really wanted to find the answer on their own. So, we made a rotating schedule for the rest of the summer so everyone gets a turn.  Incorporate the low temps on your newly made temperature rotating system and, yay, everyone gets another turn faster! 

Well, off to the pool we go! With sunscreen, of course!