Best Bulletin Board Instagram Photo Contest

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I think each of us can think back and remember that special teacher who touched our lives and sparked our interest to learn, and to pursue our dreams.

Some for their humor, some for pushing to us to our potential when it was hard and some for the way they really care for each student.  The list could go on and on!

Thank you teachers for your hard work and dedication to education!

At we've come up with a fun way to reward teachers and we need your help! Teachers,students, and parents snap a picture of your classroom bulletin boards and tag them using #BestBulletinBoard.

Beginning Febuary 17th we will start a photo contest on Instagram using the hash tag #BestBulletinBoard.  Tag photos from around your classrooms, hallways, homes, etc. (yes, homeschool parents can be nominated!). The teacher whose bulletin board is selected will win a $20 amazon e-gift card. Yes, it's that simple!

The contest begins Febuary 17,2014 and won't end until a whole lot of wonderful teachers have been rewarded! We will select a winner each month.

#BestBulletinBoard Rules:

Contest description: This contest is an exciting opportunity for teachers to win a $20 Amazon gift card for their hard work and classroom creativity.  Teachers, please tag pictures of your favorite classroom bulletin board using the hash tag #BestBulletinBoard.  Parents, friends, family, and students can also join in the fun by tagging a teacher’s bulletin board.  The winner will be posted on our website each month and the teacher will receive an email with their eGiftCard! It's just that easy!

Eligibility: This contest is designed to reward teachers.  Anyone can enter a classroom bulletin board, using the hash tag #BestBulletinBoard but the prize will be awarded to the teacher.  Each bulletin board must be nominated through a valid Instagram account. You can enter up to 3 photos per month.

Selection criteria: Winners will be selected at random monthly by the folks at 

Submission period: The contest begins February 17th and won't end until we've rewarded lots of teachers!!!

Prohibited content: Offensive, inappropriate or rude content will be removed immediately.  Please do not share personal information in your post such as address, name, email or phone number.

Republishing Rights:  We may choose to acknowledge your entry and use your picture on our website, blog and other social media outlets.