Birthday Party Fun

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My youngest daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday.

With the hubub of school, sports and life I was dreading a full blown party. With the cleaning and decorating and cleaning and decorating and cleaning and decorating....

Much to my surprise my daughter was feeling the same vibe. She wanted to celebrate, but she wanted small and intimate.

So with my oldest by my side for moral support-- off to the mall for a little shopping spree we went.

Our goal-- lavish the little 7 year olds!

Our first stop--Starbucks!

Vanilla Steamers anyone?

Next we hit the mall. With a little surprise in store.

Your best friend and cousin, what could be better?

A little makeup from Bobby Brown perhaps! Ok I  am not a huge fan of kids wearing  gobs of make up. So we went real simple, just a few sparkles on the eyes, lip gloss and blush. The gals at Bobby Brown were so sweet and it was FREE!

After sparkles were applies and a little perfumed sprayed off to H&M we went!

Each of the girls picked out an outfit! Fashionistas ( This was cheaper than renting a bounce house or buying oodles of food and decorations!! High five). Of course they had to change!

After all that hardwork it was time for lunch.

Now it was time for some fresh air and a little exercise.

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the park we go-- insert whistle.

My daughter had a blast! It was one of the easiest parties ever and shewas able to spend quality time with two of her favorite people.  So if you are in the market for a simple birthday try our idea or share one of your own with me.