Botanical Garden Field Trip

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It is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing, the morning air is crisp, and skies are blue.  It is the perfect time of year for a field trip to the botanical garden! We are blessed to live in a city with a 30+ acre garden that has been cultivated and pruned for the past 29 years. To say it is gorgeous is an understatement. It is nestled below the foothills and some areas of the garden over look our beautiful city. You meander through gardens and over streams.

Last week my son and his class took a field trip to the botanical garden. They are in 4th grade, and this year they concentrate on state history.

One of the many things they will learn about this year is the Lewis and Clark expedition. The garden has an entire section dedicated to over 250 plant species that were discovered in our state and recorded by the expedition.

The class was able to sketch a plant and give details in a journal much like Meriwerther Lewis would have done years ago.

They learned about plants used for medicine, food and even bow and arrows.

They learned about Sacajawea....

They learned about the plants in the wetlands...

They even learned that the Apache Indian warriors wore a flower on top of their heads during battle. That plant is now referred to as the Apache plant.

From carnivorous plants,

to the tree house,

to the wilderness trail,

This trip was amazing. It was a beautiful day filled with kids ( and moms) excited to learn.

For a list of botanical gardens in the U.S arranged by state click here

Be sure to visit throughout the year to see a different side of the garden with the seasons. 

Our garden will have a display for Christmas with over 300.000 lights.