Breaking the Barrier

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I am a mother to three beautiful children ages 11, 9 and 6.  Our two oldest children are biological or home grown as some people call it and our youngest is from Ethiopia. So that makes us an Ethiopian American family.
We enjoy indulging in yummy Ethiopian foods, traditions and especially coffee! And she loves indulging in lasagna, cheese burgers and electronics!
Medi came home at the age of four. English would be her third language by the time she was finally home with us. Can I just tell you how amazing a child's brain is! She picked English up in no time, I would say we were over the point and grunt stage ( she pointed, we grunted "uh huh") within a few months. I attribute her success entirely to her brother and sister who played tirelessly with her showing her things for hours and hours everday! She was so intrigued by them, she was literally like a shadow following their every move.She started all day kindergarten this year, we have had our ups and downs. My husband and I approached this year with the attitude " If she feels safe, happy, welcomed and is doing a little learning, GREAT!" Boy did we underestimate! Leaps and bounds the child has grown. She is reading, coloring between the lines, writing her name and adding!  I truly believe that knowledge is power and a confidence builder in the classroom.
Last night I hear a conversation going on between her and Daddy in the other room. "Dddy I know what 2+2 is, 4 she yells" I am thinking, ok she picked that phrase up somewhere. So to appease my curiosity I join the conversation. " WOW, honey that is awesome.  Do you know 2+3?"  I say. "Easy 5. And 4+4 is 8." She says as she skips away!
I stood there in sheer amazement! I am so proud that she didn't let her "barriers" hold her back. I tell you all this in hopes that this may encourage some of your little learners to break through their barriers. 
On a side note I have to share this picture with you. Our daughter was also TERRIFIED of animals when she came home. Anything that moved and she was in tears,crawling up your back, screaming, I kid you not.  So this is her class bird and look who is confident enough to hold Spring the bird for the first time this year.  I love confidence in the classroom, it does break barriers,another success.