Brick by Brick

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Our home was loved by it's original owner beginning in 1956.  We  love our ranch home with it's brick,  2 fireplaces, hardwood, and big windows. We love that we were able  to meet the kids who grew up here, crying in the drive way as they drove away for the last time. Sniff sniff. Everything in our house was original. Charming and absolutely adorable? Yes. Just what we were looking for? Yes.

It's those original parts that didn't get so loved as the years went on that we are still learning to love...

Slowly but surely, we are conquering projects and placing personal touches in our home ( some of the personal touches are forced, leaking water main). This summer one project that was dreaded but necessary was the moving of the brick pathway embedded into the grass for who knows how many years. Maybe.... 1 million?  It looked like a never ending line of brick laced with back aches and sweat.

So, I decided I had better run to the grocery store when the project started!

Are you wondering at this point how my bricks have anything to do with math, let alone multiplication?

Well, wonder no more!

Since I ditched the brick party the kids had to take my place. Ages 11,9, and 6.

My husband made 3 columns on a piece of paper, one for each laborer.  Each time they carried a brick from the backyard to the side of the house( we repurposed the bricks) they could make a line. Grouping into 5's so it was easily counted. We paid the kids .10 cents per brick.

5,10, 15, 20, 25,30.....250!!!

Each of the kids counted the number of bricks. Then figured the amount we owed by doing the math.

- number of bricks multiplied by  ten cents, 250 bricks x .10= $25 smackers!

-Groupings of 5, counted by 5's

My son earned $25, my youngest $8, and my oldest daughter $12.

That's a lot of brick. But, brick by brick they worked hard and we made a memory, got cheap labor and a new bricked area for storage on the side of the house.

And, secretly snuck in math!